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Blue Heaven
Alternative Titles
Blue Heaven, Route 69, ブルー ヘヴン
Genres Author Artist
The world’s largest luxury ship 'Blue Heaven' saves a wrecked ship out at sea. At the captain’s command, the ship is searched, and 2 male survivors are rescued. On the ship, there are signs of horrible bloodshed. One of the rescued men, of unknown nationality, loses himself among the ship’s passengers and starts randomly slaughtering the patrons and staff. What is his motive?! (From Hawks & Omanga) Includes the one-shot Route 69: Sheela and Sai have become fugitives and fled with a promise to seek freedom and happiness in a warm place. On their way they are welcomed by the family of a modest increasingly abandoned village, a historic theater owners are going to have to close for lack of attendance.
JP 🡆