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After Hours
Alternative Titles
アフターアワーズ,After Hours
Genres Author Artist
As someone who has never been fond of clubs, Emi Asahina just wants to go home as she waits for a friend in the hotspot of Tokyo's nightlife. That is, until a beautiful DJ by the name of Keiko "Kei" Yoinoma comes to her rescue. Invited to her place for a drink, Emi begins to see a different side of the very same music that she couldn't stand just moments ago—and is surprised to find that she may have been given a new perspective on more than just club music, as she wakes up the next morning to see Kei beside her. Will Emi take this opportunity to launch herself in an exciting new direction, or will her indecisiveness get the better of her? A lighthearted romance formed from understanding the spirit of music, After Hours follows Emi and Kei as they try to figure out what they mean to each other.
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